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Welcome to another new feature here on Literophilia, Big Book News Now (or, henceforth, BBNN). This will be a sporadic feature that sums up what we think are some of the most interesting goings-on in the literary world.

While we all love to discuss literature and its deeper meanings and why books make us feel like we’re in a different world… well, let’s be serious: some of us need a break from that crap sometimes and would prefer that ‘different world’ be one where a burly, shirtless man is feeding us grapes.

If you’re a trashy romance novel junkie, then perhaps Tell Harlequin is for you. The leader in women’s novels is asking their readers for their opinions. And of course, there’s something in it for you, too.

And you say that your secret love of trashy romance novels is your only true bond with your kid sis? Well, I’ve got something for her, too: Harlequin Ambassadors is the YA version of ‘Tell Harlequin’ — and don’t worry, they won’t be sending her the adult novels. Think Twilight, with less vampires and teenage pregnancy.

A town in California is using library cards to stop violence (and they’re not even Kevlar-coated cards!). KSBW News in Salinas, CA is reporting that ‘The mayor of Salinas is pushing a literacy campaign that would make the city the first in the country to require every student to have a library card.’ In Literophilia’s humble opinion, anyone who encourages the younger generation to pick up some actual ink-and-paper literature is OK in our book.

Have an impossibly high to-be-read stack? Taking a class with an over-zealous professor and a mile-long book list? Or did you set your New Years Resolution at midnight when you were drunk and vow to read almost 500 books this year? Self-described “freelance writer, editor, book critic and wastrel-ette,” Sarah Weinman spoke to the LA Times Blogs about how she was able to read 462 books in a year.

Another Obama first: the Wall Street Journal reports that President-elect Barack Obama will be the first US president to have a starring role in a Marvel comic when he appears in an upcoming issue of Spiderman.

Video: Borders Book Club chats with Gregory Maguire; author of Wicked (one of my favorite books) and Son of a Witch, volume two in the Wicked Years. Get the scoop on his latest book, A Lion Among Men (The Wicked Years, Book 3)!

“967 Total Books Received.” That says it all. Check out the Chasing Ray’s post about the sheer volume of ARCs that they received in 2008 – 775 of which were not requested.