Here’s another new weekly feature for you to enjoy; Rx for the Literophiliac.

Most people – whether they intend to or not – let their favorite hobbies and the things they enjoy the most spill over into other areas of their lives. Here at Literophilia, we recognize that, and we don’t mind being the enablers that fulfill your addictions.

This feature will be a weekly sampling of bargains on book-related items from around the internet that we think are particularly note-worthy. Happy window-shopping!

| Librarian Pin; $10 |Deadly Knights Bookends; $10 | “Alice” Moleskine Journal; $11 |
| Indie Publishing; $15 | Steampunk Bookmark; $15 | Pin-Up Librarian Poster; $18 |
| Secret Camera Book; $15 | Banned Books Necklace; $15 | Personal Library Kit; $17 |