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Welcome to another week in book-related happenings here at Literophilia. In this post, we bring you news of your favorite familiar literary characters who will soon be returning to life, losing their minds, nurturing their split-personalities, and committing suicide. All without one mention of the decline in the economy! Anyway, on to the news:


The Associated Press reports (via Salon.com) that the beloved Winnie-the-Pooh is finally returning from hibernation. Return to Hundred Acre Wood will be the first authorized sequel to A. A. Milne’s original Pooh stories which were published in the 1920s. The new book comes out on October 5th — are you ready? Excited? Or are you feeling a bit cynical that this is just going to be yet another in a series of Hollywood’s failed remakes (see also: “TMNT“, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull)?

small_bullet_circle_arrow_pinkI love this — it’s exactly the type of story I hope for <i>Literophilia</i> to exemplify. The Sydney Morning Herald reports that a Stephen King fan has published an 80-page version of the book that the novelist Jack Torrance obsessively writes during King’s The Shining. The writing of this book occurs mostly during Torrance’s descent into madness, and is revealed when his wife discovers that his work consists of just one phrase, endlessly repeated: All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. The book is available on bookmaking website Blurb.com for $8.95 in softcover.

small_bullet_circle_arrow_pinkThe book blog over at AbeBooks.com highlights 1001 Books for Every Mood: A Bibliophile’s Guide to Unwinding, Misbehaving, Forgiving, Celebrating, Commiserating. While I’m not usually a fan of list books, this one seems particularly intriguing. I’m definitely the type of person who will, from time to time, end up reading several novels at once so that I can have one to suit each of my moods. Perhaps this will help me get my To-Be-Read pile straightened out!

small_bullet_circle_arrow_pink Once again, BBNN brings you another story of literature winning out over violence. Sort of? Fox12 in Oregon is reporting that Central Linn High School’s library has refused to ban Bunny Suicides from its shelves. (And no, that’s not the latest book by The Girls Next Door).

small_bullet_circle_arrow_pinkPresident-elect Barack Obama has gained notoriety in these past few months for much more than his opinions on the current state of affairs in our country. One of my favorite things about him is the fact that he’s very outspoken about his love for good books. Check out this article which attempts to cover every book that Obama has publicly discussed including Team of Rivals by Doris Kearns Goodwin, which has been championed as his favorite.