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Chloe’s Personal Library

One of the many ‘symptoms’ of Literophilia is an over-abundance of books. Being the child of a Literophiliac, I know this symptom very well — nearly every room in my mom’s house holds a bookshelf that is literally packed to the brim with books.

Since I’m only 23 and I move to a different apartment nearly every year, I haven’t been able to get my collection looking how I’d like. Recently, I bought a couple of bookcases ($20 at Ikea!) and I’ve been happily staring at my beautifully organized bookcase for the past week or so.

Come take a look with me!


I’ve only really been able to ‘collect’ my books properly for the past 4 years, so my collection isn’t very big yet. It’s a nice size, though, finally. I like the fact that I have room to display my more visually-focused books now, too, since books filled with photographs are kind of useless being shoved among a pile of other books.


As you can tell, I’ve got quite an affinity for three certain types of books: the horror genre – especially vampire books – to which I have two shelves dedicated; teenage runaway stories; and books about drug culture.

I’ve been into vampires my entire life and have been reading books dedicated to the subject even when I was still getting most of my material from the YA section. The teenage runaways have been a newer interest of mine, though I’m not sure why. And the books about drug culture are, again, something I’ve been into most of my life. I never really understood why these stories intreigue me so much, but I especially like the ones that are either true stories, or based on true stories. I think that it has something to do with the people who use drugs — there’s no real ‘type’ of person or life story/event that makes someone turn to drugs. When they do, however, the story is always different, interesting and ultimately an incredibly good learning experience.


Beyond those genres, however, my taste in reading material is very broad. I have some YA/kids books in my library still, chick-lit, non-fiction, historical accounts, classics, biographies, essays by comedians — you name it, I’ve probably got at least one book for you. I’ve even got a copy of the Koran and the Bhagavad Gita (while I had to read these for a college course, I decided to keep them and add them to my library since I find studying religions very interesting sometimes).

So, Literophiliacs – now that you’ve seen my library, how about yours? Share the affliction in the comments!

What are your favorite types of books to read? Favorite characters? Favorite genres? Or just show me a picture or two of your library!

“Chloe Parker”